Daughter of the Cimarron
Samuel Hall

Daughter of the Cimarron
It’s 1928 … the Great Depression lurks just around the corner . . .  

Daughter of the Cimarron

Daughter of the Cimarron is the fictionalized tale of the author’s mother as she went from ragtime to breadlines, from the silent cities and melancholy towns to a dugout overlooking the Cimarron Canyon, from brokenness to strength.

Divorcing a cheating husband means disgracing her family, but Claire Devoe can’t take it anymore. Forced to provide for herself, she travels the Midwest with a sales crew.

Can she trust the God who didn’t save her first marriage to lead her through the maze of new love and overwhelming expectations?

The long twilight of the Great Depression—with its debt, disgrace, drought, and despair—becomes the crucible that remakes her life.

What people are saying about Daughter of the Cimarron:

Daughter of the Cimarron, by Samuel Hall, skillfully drew me into the depression-era world of Midwest dust farmers, door to door sales gypsies, and seedy jazz-age dance halls. The characters are well-drawn, the setting has an authenticity about it, and the backstory rings true with everything we know about the era.

There are no two-dimensional characters in this book. They are all thoroughly clad in flesh and blood, and readers will likely recognize their own friends and family in this novel. Though raised neck-deep in the decidedly conservative Midwestern values of the early 1900s, Claire is a young woman who refuses to be a victim of her circumstances. Her strengths and vulnerabilities are clearly seen and they are what drive this enticing narrative.

Though Christian faith is in the bedrock of this story, you will find no pat and shallow answers to the real-life challenges of Claire and her family. Readers will relate to her struggles, doubts, and her difficult decisions. She is a young woman who is torn between what she wants, what she needs, and what is expected of her by family and her conservative upbringing.

A story like this can only be told by one intimately acquainted with the characters, giving them honesty in their humanity and depth in their spiritual journey. I have a feeling I’m going to remember Claire for a very long time.

I received an advance copy for review, and I am happy to recommend this book.

--Donald W. White

This book ranks at the top in readability and authenticity. Its high quality reporting is centered around the Great Depression years in America. The essence of that challenging period of time in our national heritage is captured by this author. Reading Samuel Hall's book literally allowed me to view the Depression years as though I were living in that period of history. I am thankful the author invested so much time, energy, and love into this chronicle. Read his fine work if you enjoy good writing that provokes thought, provides vicarious experience, teaches history, and demonstrates the value of perseverance through difficult times. I believe reading this book strengthened me.

--G. Kirkendall

Had the privilege to meet Claire a number of years ago. My wife and I were invited into her home in Forgan, OK, what a great experience this was. Several years later we had the pleasure of meeting Samuel Hall, this too was a great honor. When we learned of the 'Daughter of the Cimarron', we hasten to purchase a copy. The author enable me to become involved in Claire's life, almost as an observer, I enjoyed her happy times, sad times, lonely times, and even her angry times. There were periods that I felt like an eavesdropper. This book was an eye opener to me, learning in depth what my parents experienced during the 'Great Depression'. As a 76 year old, not much impresses me as this book has these last few days. My express compliments to Mr. Sam Hall, for a work that in my considered opinion was quite stirring and worthwhile read. Congratulations.

--Michael F.

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