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The American Southwest provided the soil from which Sam Hall’s life took root after the Great Depression. Brought up with people who came through the Dust Bowl, he wanted to acknowledge them for their grit, faith, and perseverance. They were a different cut from our society today.

To connect between our culture and that from which he came, Sam's first novel is about a couple who came out of the Depression era—his parents. In writing their story, he found himself in it. The historical novel, Daughter of the Cimarron, was released March 2015 by Ashberry Lane.

Sam Hall's essays and articles have appeared in anthologies, Christian publications, and on-line. As the Oregon Christian Writers photographer, he’s worked with many other writers. His photography has been featured in his articles and in a children’s picture book, Jesus Loves Us All. He’s an active member of OCW, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Willamette Writers.

Something from Sam Hall …

"This life is not about righteousness but growth in righteousness. Not about health but healing. Not about being but becoming. Not about rest but exercise. We are not yet what we shall be but we are growing towards it. The process is not finished yet but is going on. This is not the end but the road. All is not yet gleaming glory but all is being purified." — Martin Luther

Luther’s words declare better than I could say what motivates me and gives me perspective. His declaration, of course, was grounded in God’s Word. Likewise, that underpins who and what I am.

With my family, I’ve lived and worked in Africa, and served on a team to conduct humanitarian aid to a country recovering from guerrilla war. I’ve trained indigenous pastors and mentored African nationals to prepare them for placement in American architectural schools. For several weeks, I and three friends traveled on foot and by bus to support the underground church and ethnic minorities in rural areas of SW China.

I continue to learn from my wife and three adult children about family relationships and authenticity, which are at the core of my novel and which influences much of what I write. I’m at work on a sequel to that story and two non-fiction works which could likewise find their places in the theme of being and becoming.

You and I will make this a fun place to explore and discover—primarily through my blog and articles. Life should be a joy but for those times when it’s not, I hope my blog of “Being and Becoming” will inspire, inform, and maybe make you laugh. A key element is authenticity—difficult for most and easy for nobody. But how else to bring us to that freedom, and to experience life?

You’ll occasionally see guest bloggers here. They will present topics on their field of expertise for your questions or comment. My guests maynot all be Christian, conservative, or even seasoned writers. Whether you participate or merely read the postings, the interchange should strengthen your faith and stimulate your thinking.

I will explore the theme of being and becoming in my postings and articles. Living a transparent life is largely dependent on fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

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